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Shaydenko Nadezhda Anatol'evna, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, correspondence member of the Russian Academy of Education, deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, vice-chairman of the Educational Committee of the State Duma (1 Okhotny ryad street, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. Dynamic development of socioeconomic systems of Russia displays not only features typical for Russian historically established regularities, but also an interconnection with world trends, including the process of teachers training. The process of objective identification of pedagogical educational institutions development processes is acquiring a great significance in Russian and abroad. The aim of the research is to conceptually analyze the foreign experience in teachers training in order to compare it with traditions of the Russian system of pedagogical education.
Materials and methods. In the process of conceptual analysis of the foreign experience of teachers training it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of interpretation of the processes and phenomena under investigation, taking into account conclusions and results of the researches by B. L. Wulfson, I. A. Zimnyaya, V. D. Shadrikov, U. Teichler, G. Hog, O. Galan etc.
Results. In the research the author established the content of the process of development of the foreign system of teachers training; revealed positive and destructive aspects of its development and opportunities of transmission thereof onto the Russian model of the activity of educational institutions, involved in teachers training.
Conclusions. Formation of technologies of efficient teachers training in Russia presupposes further development of the centuries-old existing traditions of the Russian professional teachers training and realization of cooperation with progressive teachers training researchers abroad. These will allow to develop an optimal system of teachers training in Russia. The efficiency of the given interaction is based on the readiness of the scientific community and teachers to the system-activity interaction with foreign teachers.

Key words

educational reform, system modernization, teachers training, complex analysis.

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